A rational response to the 'standard' questions posed by 'Alpha' & similar organizations


What is the point of life?

Need there be a point? - Nature instructs all of Life to reproduce; to what end we just don't know and it's almost 100% certain that we never will. We can speculate but are INFINITELY short of the necessary knowledge to form a valid judgement!

Certainly, Life's purpose cannot be identified by any ancient decrepit 'Belief'!

Nature, red in tooth & claw, is pitilessly indifferent to an individual's quality of life; the fittest for any environment prospers. Individual quality of life is a lottery. We have arrived & must make the best of it. Self-deceivers pray for Ethereal help; none is discernible - - - Quite definitely a DIY job!

We live, utilizing facts that the experience of Life plus research, provides!

The paralogism of religious CHARLATANS can't match the knowledge we now possess, scant tho it be.

Mystical Theosophy is drivel of the first order!


What happens when we die?

Starkly, when the brain ceases to function, that 'being' ceases to 'be'.
The motivation driving that unique combination of elements is no more!


The chemo-electrical activity of the brain - the Mind - is naturally prone to generate any illusive mirage. If that imagery is not backed up by factual substantiation, it remains a fantasy.

To give any credence to life after death, one must be round the bend, if not well up the straight!

Inevitably, Man's consciousness eventually departs to the place from whence it came - Oblivion - An obvious fact that 'Believers' just can not accept!

Natural cognition (common sense) affirms life's future as solely dependent on reproduction



Is forgiveness possible?

With almost limitless mutations possible, the evolutionary process can be expected to produce individuals with characteristics of an extremely complex gradation, in a myriad of aspects - eg - - -

Brilliant to Thick - Jovial to Morose - Benign to Sadistic - Hetero to Homo - ad inf.

Religions provide a very accessible dump for the perceived guilt generated by the various indiscretions to which ALL humans must, in some respect, be victim. The evolution of life cannot be fault-free. We learn as we live! Forgiveness from on high is a concept that is, quite evidently, ludicrous in the extreme!

Do not kid thyself - No one is immaculate!

Those gifted with conscience and a degree of 'normalcy' just have to bear with the ill-starred and scallywags that abound; amongst the latter, religious CON-MEN - enjoying a very comfortable living with their pretentious and 'Divine' prognostications!


Further thoughts

With the barbarous & brutal acts of differing factions, the multiplicity of silly 'Beliefs' are a handicap that Humanity could very well have done without. As the sponge-like mind of an infant readily absorbs info, authentic or fallacious, in teaching the necessary basics of life, the follies of illogical & delusory religions should be emphasized - - - STRONGLY! Offspring should be reared from birth unprimed with PESTILENTIAL 'beliefs' - - - GLARINGLY OBVIOUS!

Preachers pontificate on a subject so 'Holey', it is artlessly transparent. Visualize its benighted origins & it's quite obvious that the early human mind was bound to generate mythological imagery of an Elysian nature and from there, receptive, fanciful and PREDACIOUS minds took over. 'Beliefs' were surely born of ignorance & fear of the unknown! With this realization why can't we all recognize simple basic facts & treat all 'Faiths' of today as ever they really were - Dogmatic preservations of irrational early thought - - -


The Rt Rev Fred Flintstone and his contemporaries should have dug themselves out the Stone-Age long long ago!

The PAST is unveiled thro time - Of necessity we must PROFIT from it -  not PERPETUATE it! - - - AMEN!