The Deceit of Religiosity

Positive conclusions of a Nonagenarian

Religiosity? - Throughout life, I've never regarded this subject as deserving of any serious thought - - - However, with quietus in the offing, the excessive religious coverage in the media inevitably agitates the neurons - - - Of late, these irritants have provoked a thorough reappraisal,


After a lifetime of listening (inadvertently) to the delusive portents of various Faiths,
Logic affirms the original & simple story.

No need for the meandrine moonshine of erudite intelligentsia.
Just take yourself back in time and examine unvarnished facts.

Please acknowledge that the primitive mind was bound to generate quite naturally, mythological imagery of an Elysian nature. Also, one must accept that the relative ignorance of early Humanity, coupled with understandable fears of the unknown, provided those individuals seeking power over their fellows (a natural human trait) with the conditions to set up as Medicine-Men - Witch-Doctors - Sorcerers - Soothsayers - - - all claiming to have insights & contact with a POWER - of sorts. So began the blight of Shamanism - - - leading on to airy-fairy religions. As time unveiled the past, these facts have not been fully appreciated, hence, the ensuing rash of religiosity has not been branded for what it really is - - -

An early conceive - of ignorance and apprehension - - - Perpetuated thro millennia by IMPOSTORS - Preying on credulous naivety.

The natural process of evolution, via many devious pious paths, has now landed us with the present crop of Archbishops - Ayatollahs - Rabbis - Popes - Imams - JWs - & a host of other hypocritical sect leaders, incessantly brainwashing the largely unthinking masses with their ridiculous and childish Holy Beliefs. The Billy Grahams of the world, gifted with gab & showmanship, use their 'bewitching' powers to prey on the gullibility of the artless. Yes indeed, in modern form, the Witch-Doctors are STILL at it! - - -


With its initiation as above, religiosity can't be recognized by any sane person to have the gravitas necessary for any authentic 'Belief'. Seeking reality is anathema to the pious ones. They critically comment on facts of life that are painstakingly unearthed by the practical hard-working talents of seekers of truth. Knowledge of physics and biology would never have advanced if left to the 'Holiest of Holy Men'. Sun would still be orbiting Earth. The dim past is theirs, with mystical rites that are still prevalent, complete with modern trappings. They are an absurdity! Their endeavours to exalt religiosity by the erection of ever more imposing 'Places of Worship' merely highlights - MONUMENTALLY - the benighted phases of Man's past.

Hell's Bells! - - - What a shambles!

Weighing up the World-wide situation, a substantial proportion of Humanity are unable to let go of their forebears' primitive 'belief' in a Creator that demands a daily dose of supplication. A person's specific 'belief' is dictated by that part of the globe from where they originated; a simple inheritance of the parents' unreal ancestral teachings, largely unquestioned! No need to be a 'Religious Scholar' - what a fatuous preoccupation - to comprehend why all of this utter HUMBUG survives.

Persistent indoctrination over millennia leave the susceptible with feelings of unease when they attempt to ditch the ingrained silly 'beliefs' inherited from similarly programmed forebears. Most take an apathetic route & run with the various childish theosophical myths passed down through the generations via pious, shallow-thinking naivety - preferring illusion to reality - fantasy to truth.

It has always been decreed that our only way forward is in the utilization of everyday experience and research - pure evidential communal common-sense. The need to consult Biblical, Qur'anic, or any other ancient crap-laden fairy tales in order to pursue a decent and considerate existence beggar belief!

 It is truly amazing that some individuals still refuse to acknowledge the misguided roots & routes of their primitive ancestors & continue to credit a silent & invisible 'Presence' with guidance in Human conduct. As with everything, ETHICS EVOLVE QUITE NATURALLY. It's more than obvious that brainwashing in infancy is not easy to ditch, even in advanced adulthood.

The facts listed above are beyond dispute -

Theism? / Divinity? - ABSOLUTE MAN-MADE HOKUM!

Any thinking person realizes that the Universe is truly an awesome Quantum / Astronomical creation. As part of that creation, our attempts at its full understanding seem futile.

Whether probing the Atom or 'Heavenly' Space, we're contemplating INFINITIES!.

Fouling up our minds with a rag-bag of archaic religiose twaddle does absolutely nothing to help enlighten our ignorance!

Anyone taking this farcical subject seriously has to be absolutely pickled in traditional folklore and/or in a sad mental state. Using its bogus validity for an easy living and/or monetary gain, its impostrous practitioners must have no REAL conscience at all.

Far too much reverence is devoted to the abstract of religiosity. Vast volumes of impotent bombastic rhetoric has been generated by self-righteous Con-men who use their dominant & deceitful acumen to sublimely charm others to wander in an unreal 'Spiritual Wonderland' that is totally UNWORTHY of any HONEST contemplation!

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