Oh Come! - - - All Ye Faithful



The Deceit of Religiosity

Positive conclusions of a Nonagenarian 


As the human mind is fundamentally prone to the generation of illusions, we must try to visualize in a realistic manner, the birth & ramose nature of Religiosity. Everyone is infected with an imaginative 'spiritual' tendency, sentimentally induced, that is 'merely' the natural wonderment of our existence & surroundings. Elemental reasoning must be applied to give ALL 'fantasial' thought a true perspective.

'Heavenly' visions need to be truly assessed & not allowed to sabotage the prevalent COMMON SENSE & RESEARCH that seeks to counter Life's ongoing problems. Unrealistic BELIEFS, the cause of so much mayhem & mortality of past & present, are all very BASIC Man-made creations - - - devious proclamations of a false & tedious nature, incessantly filling shallow minds with absurd religious DOGMA.

Unease can result in the mind having a very distorted & tormented view of one's situation, with an urge to look skywards for help. In order to form a valid judgement on 'figmentary' Gods & 'Heavenly' matters, a reasonably healthy state of mind is essential.

Nearing the end of a long life, not without bother, the need to rely on any absurd Belief has never really entered my consciousness. It's all too apparent that religious Faiths are pure HUMBUG, blessed with existence by IMPOSTORS & their largely naive followers



To date - Beliefs I have ignored - They've never really struck a chord

But ageing - Getting more a wreck - I deemed it wise to run a check

Pondered long - Far back in time - & I declare with thoughts sublime

Faith's nebulous starting point was found - I was correct the first time round

Following are my DEEP reflections - All plain FACT - NO DECEPTIONS!


Mankind has been profoundly caught - In devious realms of religious thought

One needs understand its INSTITUTION - & follow thro - Its EVOLUTION


Without a doubt - - - Gods were born as Man in fear - Strove to see his future clear

Apprehension & lack of knowledge - Spawned a HOLY PRAYING COLLEGE


In primeval times - Long gone - Man deified IDOL & ICON

& once begun - That GODLY GRIND - Nested within a RECEPTIVE MIND


Inevitably - - - In those early years of Man - the reign of CHARLATAN began

Claiming insight without proof - & saddling Man with ONE BIG SPOOF


Generations gone & ALL they've known - Is SHAMANISM - All home grown

RELIGIONS? - They are SO abundant -  ALL should be by now - REDUNDANT


THEOSOPHIES? - Created by the score! - BELIEFS? - We doubtless need no more!

Suffice to say - "We'll NEVER know - What REALLY makes the green grass grow!"


Probing the ATOM or 'Heavenly' SPACE - We do indeed come face to face

With INFINITIES galore - & probably a good deal MORE


Temples & Cathedrals Grand - VERY impressive - But as they stand

Forget thee not - These SACRED PLACES - Are but MONUMENTS to Man's benighted phases


The hallowed music of the choir - For better things it does aspire

But does GOD hear this psalmic prayer - Is HE listening? - IS HE THERE?


Men of God are full of cant - Preaching they know what we want

Know they themselves - They are UNCOUTH - When they profess to know the TRUTH


Where ARE the Gods to which they pray? - Requiring WORSHIP every day

Gods are only of the MIND - In the MIND that's where they PLAY


Just because Man CANNOT see - Affairs that may have yet to be

Trust is placed in a God unseen - An ESSENCE that has NEVER been


Are we ALL obliged to be beholden? - Even when life is FAR from GOLDEN?

Let's have done with this MASQUERADE - From the HEADS-DOWN BACKSIDES-UP BRIGADE


The grievous INDIFFERENCE of Nature's Court - Is apparent in LIFE - OF ANY SORT

What Man must do to get along - Is RATIONALIZE & STAY ON SONG


Faith in COVERT Gods I fear - Can't be taken serious here

COMMOM SENSE ALONE sheds light - Let's put ALL pious B's to flight


May the wisdom now amongst us - Rid us of this CLOYING FUNGUS

Let's all rejoice in LOGIC'S role - & bury the BUNKUM down a hole


The grasp of FACTS in Man evolving - Guideth him in problem solving

When an ACT proves NO SOLUTION - - - MODIFY IT - - - That's EVOLUTION


So let some light into the brain - Resolve to think - & think again

Is A religion all THAT fateful - Oh PLEASE COME OFF IT - All ye faithful !


COMMON SENSE is ALL one needs - Not Passe' - Shrouded - MAN-MADE CREEDS

COMMON SENSE ? ? ? - Get off thy perch! - Use EVERYDAY KNOWHOW - & RESEARCH!